CV-425 K14080-2A

If you work in a shipyard or offshore yard, you’ll know how important it is that your machinery can endure even the worst environmental conditions – which is exactly what this machine was built to do.

All sensitive components are tucked away in a dust-free compartment, separated from the airflow needed to cool the machine. Which, in other words, means it’s been designed to last without you having to worry about potential repairs.

Created for heavy-duty applications, the CV-425 K14080-2A is incredibly easy to move around, thanks to the large wheels. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you’re guaranteed a consistent wire feed speed, thanks to the electronic feedback system.

So if you need a machine that’s going to endure all environmental conditions, is easy to use and manoeuvre, and is built to last, look no further.


  • Perfect for arduous environmental conditions
  • Built to last for years to come
  • Easy to move around
  • Consistent wire feed speed
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications

Physical specifications

  • Weight: 152 kg
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 880 mm x 696 mm x 1020 mm


  • MIG, Flux-Cored

Welder Specifications

  • Primary Input: 220/380/440/3/50-60
  • Rated Output: 420A/35V@60%325A/30.3V@100%
  • Input current: 63/32/32A
  • Output Range: 10-420A