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Davies Industrial & Welding Supplies specialise in the supply of high-quality industrial and welding products for customers across Banbury. Through our experience in the industry, we’ve marked ourselves as reliable, reputably catering to the consumer market. Our policy is on delivering, including delivering products, customer care and satisfaction. We recommend welders based on their suitability, understanding the nuance of each model and the ways they might meet your bespoke requirements. Operating with a sense of professionalism, we provide punctual solutions to provide you with the tools you need efficiently.


Our Supplies

Our supplies cater to a diverse range of demands, suitably accommodating each and every requirement. Our aim is to provide you with flexibility, choice and options. Our equipment is chosen carefully to offer an array of selective resources to amply enhance your choices when it comes to welding. Our catalogue features cutting-edge equipment from renowned manufacturers, ensuring reliability, precision, and efficiency in every weld. We offer an unparalleled collection of equipment, stocking some of the most renowned brands in the industry to ensure premium quality and resources. Our comprehensive service ensures that every welder can find the right industrial welding supplies, catering to demand on a customer-by-customer basis.


Our Credentials

With over 40 years of experience in the welding industry, we are your one-stop shop for welding equipment. Our range of knowledge, expertise and skill instils the products we sell to you with trust. As a reactive point of sale, we ensure every product we stock and sell is of the highest quality, rated for its innovation and practical appeal. Our commitment sets us apart. We work to resolve, estimating the needs of your project and commending suitable resources to generate the desired result.


Providing Welding Machines & Supplies To Banbury & the Surrounding Area

In addition to the welding supplies outlined on our website, we also provide a range of associated products, such as welding consumables and electrodes, wire feeders, fume extraction systems and welding automation technology. We can provide filler materials for all applications. All orders placed are handled professionally and with urgency, regardless of their size. This is testament to our commitment to giving the best customer experience possible to the people of Banbury, offering welding supplies that help you to do your jobs efficiently.


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For further information regarding our welding machines, stock and sales, please feel free to get in touch with us and get leading, rated industrial welding supplies delivered to you promptly in Banbury.


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